A lot of us are on our computers many hours, using many of the same mouse actions all day. Opening programs, files and websites can get tedious when repeated many times.

MouseController is a Windows application that lets you record a series of clicks and mouse movements, and then play the sequence back on command. It is robust and reliable, and is easy to install with a single download from SourceForge.Net.

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Plain and Simple

Once you boot it up, you’ll be presented with a fairly plain user interface. Its simplicity is what gives MouseController its power.


You record actions from your mouse using the F9 key, and press the F11 key to play them back. You can also choose to run a mouse sequence in a continuous loop. An interval can be set between each loop, ranging from a few seconds to many minutes. Also, a delay can be designated to run before the first action.


Are you a fast-action kind of person? Or are you more laid back and mellow? Either way, you can control the playback speed to run fast or slow, from 0.5x to 2x speed, or set a custom speed. You save wear and tear on your hands, and save time with faster mouse action.


How It Works

As soon as you hit the record hotkey, MouseController starts remembering every click and movement of the mouse. Every program, menu, video, audio, and application you access is recorded. After you complete the sequence you want, hit the same hotkey (F9) to end the recording. You can record a sequence as long as you want, but a series of shorter sequences may work better. Then press the F11 hotkey to play back what you just recorded. The sequence can also be downloaded as an MCD (MouseRecorder) file and accessed later.

MouseController is fast, light and reliable. If you are ready to give your “mouse fingers” a break from repetitive actions all day, give this little program a try. You can keep a copy on a thumb drive, and carry it with you everywhere, ready to step in and make you more productive right away.


MouseController is free and open source. It runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Download Mousecontroller