Do you want to know what Lucoms.exe is? Could it be a virus or trojan? Find out what it really is.

Lucoms.exe: Keeps Popping Up

There has been an ongoing debate on lucoms.exe all around the internet forums and some people are not even aware of what lucoms.exe is. The lucoms.exe process keeps on popping up every now and then making your machines go sluggish and unresponsive. Many people around the computing world have witnessed serious performance issues every 15 minutes or so when the computer halts for a moment and on checking the Task Manager, the user realizes that lucoms.exe is taking up 70-80% of the computer resources.

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Norton Live Update- Lucoms.exe

Norton Live Updated Server

You will be shocked to know that lucoms.exe is the Norton Live Update Server. Everytime you connect to the internet, the Live Update Server of Norton tries to retrieve information from the central server if there are any virus definitions, etc. to be downloaded. This process happens every often therefore lucoms.exe comes into action quite often poking your work and slowing down your computer. The installing of updates on your computer also take up ample resources even when these do not notify you of the process. There are many ways in which you can troubleshoot this problem.

1. StepOne way to get rid of this is through updating: update your Norton Protection to the latest version. The latest version is going to have the latest Norton Live Update Server therefore relieving the resource utilization.

2. StepCleaning registry manually or using a quality registry repair software is another way to eradicate the problem and control the action of applications such as lucoms.exe.

3. StepUninstall Norton Live Update component and reinstall it. This might also remove the bug. Make sure that you install the latest version of Live Update so you don’t confront too many issues with the lucoms.exe file.


These troubleshooting tips and tricks will certainly improve the speed of your machine and will make your computing experience a lot convenient. The abovementioned three tips will also bring an end to the lucoms.exe issue as it is nothing but an alien behavior from an application supposedly protecting your systme against threats.