Simple_money_management_screenshot Review_ll Managing your finances is important. In this article we review some of the best personal finance software

Users looking to clear up their finances in the New Year should look into a solid, well-rounded personal finance software program. While there are many debates as to which software is the best, each of the top competitors offers slightly different features and perks. Take a look at the reviews of the best personal finance software programs for 2015 in order to better understand each program’s strengths and shortcomings.

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1 AceMoney

Acemoney Finance Software_ll Costing just under $40, AceMoney is simple and flexible finance program that allows users of all financial stages to reach their monetary goals. It allows users to create budgets, manage any investments, and offers several different calculators, such as loan calculators. AceMoney also offers free upgrades on their software, saving user’s money on newer versions. On the downside, this software does not include telephone support services, so users will have to figure out most issues on their own.


Ynab Software_ll YNAB, short for “You Need a Budget” is another top rated financial software option that will cost users around $60. This software excels at helping users create successful budget plans and has a great online support system, complete with free training classes. YNAB also demonstrates spending and budget goals using graphs, in order to help users better visualize their financial situations and goals. Despite their budget-friendly tools, YNAB is lacking a section on taxes and also does not provide financial calculators.

3 Moneydance

Moneydance_software_ll Moneydance software is a unique financial program that allows users to easy access online banking tools and set up automatic bill payments. This software is easy to navigate and contains helpful organizational features like their payment calendar. This program costs under $50 to purchase and works with all operating systems. The only real negative with this software is that not all of their bank-based tools are compatible with all online banking branches. They also have tax features, but they’re not as developed as other programs.

4 Simple Home Money Management

Simple Home Money Management software is exactly how is sounds; simple and easy. Finances are simplified in this financial program, allowing beginners to quickly understand their money management tools. Simple Home Money Management offers drag and drop features, as well as icons to keep its interface organized and tidy. This software is also relatively inexpensive, costing just under $30. On the downside, this software does not come with financial calculators and does not have well-rounded tax or investment functions.

5 Quicken – Starter Edition

Quicken Starter Edition_ll Also checking in at just under $40 is Quicken Starter Edition. This financial software is one of the most popular brands, with innovative features such as exporting reports directly to TurboTax. Quicken is a great tool for tracking money in order to better meet financial goals. Quicken is also very user-friendly and easy to install. One negative aspect about Quicken is that, as newer editions are released, it becomes difficult to use old Quicken files, as they are not compatible with newer versions.

Having a reliable personal financial software system is important for users looking to take control of their monetary spending, investments, and debt. These top 5 personal financial software options are all great financial tools, but each boasts unique advantages over its competitors. Deciding if budgeting, financial calculators, reporting, investing, or user-friendliness is most important will help users find a perfect fit for their needs.