Profit Source1 Staying up to date on latest market news and stock prices is a challenge, that’s why stock tracking programs are not only in great demand but also very expensive, here are 5 options

Professionals invested in the stock market need solid software options to help keep track on up-to-date tools and events. Choosing a stock program with a good reputation is ideal. Stock software should contain options for stock analysis and charting, watch lists, alerts, and reports. Here are the top five stock tracking software options currently available.

1 Profit Source

Profit Source

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This stock tracking software is pricy at just over $2,000, but has all the tools anyone would need for staying up to date in the stock world. Traders and investors both can appreciate Profit Source’s flexible chart analysis tools, portfolio manager, and money back guarantee. The customization options are also more advanced than most other stock trading programs. Profit Source does have less help and support options than other competitors’ programs.

2 eSiginal Advanced GET

eSiginal Advanced GET

Costing just under $4,000, eSignal’s software for stock trading is a powerful tool that has quickly become one of the best in the business. This program comes with stock alerts, trend tools and measurements, as well as customization functions. It also comes with yield curves to better predict a stock’s direction.

ESignal’s search capabilities and technical indicators scored slightly below Profit Source’s while their portfolio tools exceeded competitors. While search capabilities are slightly lacking, this software does contain over 100 pre-selected scan options.

3 VectorVest


The biggest advantage VectorVest has over its competitors is its low price.Costing only $645, VectorVest is a subscription based product that can be used on the web. Users can pay monthly or yearly fees to register.

This program’s system testing is also very solid and easy to use. VectorVest is most impressive when it comes to its search capabilities, led by its innovative UniSearch tool. Its biggest downfall is its lack of good technical indicators, especially when compared to other software programs.

4 MetaStock


MetaStock is another solid stock trading software option, costing just under $1,400. MetaStock is a very proficient program all around, although it doesn’t score as high as the previous three programs in all categories. This program does, however, offer analysis tools to help investors and traders locate opportunities, while keeping entry and exit strategies in mind. MetaStock also has above average search results and helps users scan for the most profitable trading opportunities.

5 TradeStation


This stock trading software, costing a mere $250, is the cheapest high end stock software out there. TradeStation specializes in rule-based trading and is also subscription based. Charting is always displayed in real time and chart displays can be easily customized. The system testing function blows many competitors out of the water, allowing traders and investors to test any trading ideas in real time and view the results. Help and support and technical indicators are decent, but not as impressive as other programs.

Keeping up with stocks and trading information is essential for all investors or traders. Having the right stock software to guide users is certainly paramount. Each of these top stock software programs has unique features and advantages to offer anyone looking to keep better track of trading opportunities.