How to take screenshots in DVD player

Frequently you wish to take screenshots of movie wich you watch,you may use it as a background and this can be done by a few steps.

Dvd Player

(1) You have to run the dvd device in your machin Right-click on that Dvd device and hit Play

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choose Properties

You have to disable your Hardware Acceleration to allow capturing videos so follow the next steps

(2) Right click on the desktop and choose”Screen Resoulution”

Click the Advanced Settings tab

(3) In the bottom left corner choose “Advanced Setting”

Click the drop-down menu under

(5) Select “troubleshooting” tab and hit “change setting” the then Drag the icon to the right “none”.

(6) Now you can start taking screenshots by pressing (Shift) & (Print Scrn) after pausing the movie.

(7) Use any photo editing software to paste screenshot and safe it!