I was looking for a way to pin some windows so that the windows will always be on top in Windows 7. Yep, you can download a Windows 7 sidebar gadget and say it should be on top, but what if there is no gadget for what you need? This little tool does the magic trick.

Put Window On Top Always

1. StepDownload FileBox eXtender here

2. Step Make sure to download the correct version. If you don’t know what Windows version you have 32-bit or 64-bit read this: What Windows version do I use

3. Step Install it and restart the programs that you want on top. You will now see a pin button and a button with a fat arrow. The arrow will minimize the window to a small bar, the pin will obviously pin the windows so that it will always be on the top in Windows 7:

Window Always On Top in Windows 7

I found this app via Youtube. You can add a few other buttons and even define some hotkeys for the menus. In fact, it’s a pretty handy tool to have. I think this might become one of my must-have tools even thou it is no longer supported.