ShareFile1 Looking for another cloud storage service other than Dropbox? There are many alternatives popping up all over the glove, we reviewed a couple cloud services for you

Whether you are collaborating on a project or collecting assignments from students, Dropbox is a convenient way to share documents.However, there are several other good alternatives to Dropboxto consider. Though each of these alternatives has its own pros and cons, they all remain viable substitutes for easy file storage and distribution.

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1) ShareFile


While ShareFile is not a free product, it is offered for free for your first 30 days of use. Several of the advantages that ShareFile has over Dropbox include a strong tracking system, multi-level controls, product-backed security and no software systems to download. It also allows users to design their ShareFileaccording to their own custom brand. Customers do list the product having a lower value for the money they pay as a drawback to using ShareFile. The cost for the comprehensive list of services is significantly higher than a basic package.

2) BitTorrent


BitTorrent offers a free application called Sync. Available to the public, Sync provides people with a means of synching files to multiple devices, creating a convenient way to share and store files no matter your location. There are no limits to the number of files and exclude third parties, allowing users to have complete control over their documents. Some users do not like the fact that a computer must be on to create these files, and the speed depends upon the speed of the computer. Devices must remain on until file sharing is complete as well.

3) Egnyte


Egnyte is known for its transparent visibility when it comes to file sharing and monitoring. This is designed to maintain client privacy, allowing administrators full control of documents. Administrators of a company’s account are also in charge of permissions, making it easy for companies to track issues. Cross office collaboration is also available. Egnyte does not offer unlimited storage space, however, and its limited features make it a less favorable option for consumers who wish to share files outside of a business setting.

4) Livedrive


Livedrive offers the convenience of an automatic backup system at a very low price. The company provides users with a free trial to test its security system, file sharing and other features. Livedrive applications are available to make accessing information from any device simple and fast. The company also allows other businesses to sell Livedrive for a profit. Livedrive is a form of cloud storage and does not offer unlimited storage. Not all of its plans are created equally, and some cost much more than others.

5) Tonido


For a free program, Tonido provides most services that general consumers need. It allows 2GB of free space as well as more space for paid subscribers. You can access your files remotely from your computer with Tonido, and it is a private program designed for computers only. The program does not work when your computer is turned off, resulting in the loss of network connection during sleep mode. Paid subscribers are also limited to 100GB per year, which is much less space than many other Dropbox alternatives on the market.

Each of these file storing and sharing has its own benefits and drawbacks. A good way to select which one is best for your uses is to list all of your file needs and determine which one satisfies the majority of them.Also, consider the costs of each program and how accessible it is to your team, students or anyone else with whom you need to share files.