Internet_Explorer1 There are lots of different browsers available online with different features, that’s why it’s good to know what sets each browser apart

Not all internet browsers are created equally. There are many different browsers out there and it can be difficult to know which one is the best or most secure. The truth is, each browser is set apart by its own unique qualities and perks. Deciding what’s most important to users (security, speed, etc) will help them determine which browser best suits their computer needs. Taking a look at the top five most secure browsers can help clarify these distinctions.

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1) Internet Explorer


Everyone has heard of this browser. It’s the original internet browser that undoubtedly every computer user has navigated through at some point in time. This browser has top notch security features, such as site blocking options and a built in file scanning system. It also has very quick HTML processing speeds. While security and speed are good, navigating through tabs is a bit more difficult than with other browsers. IE 9 also doesn’t have an automated bookmarking system or customizable themes.

2) Google Chrome


Google Chrome is a great alternative to Internet Explorer for users looking for more add-ons and features. One of the best perks about this browser is that it runs tabs as separately processes, allowing users to close frozen or slow pages without needing to completely restart the browser. Google Chrome doesn’t have an integrated RSS reader, so users with multiple RSS subscriptions won’t be able to use this browser for RSS purposes.

3) Mozilla Firefox


Firefox is another top name in internet browsers, perhaps best known for its good security features and many available add-ons. It has thousands of customization features to choose from so that users can better personalize their online experience. Firefox also has many tools to help synchronize bookmarks and web history from different computers, as well as phones. Despite its many perks, Firefox tends to slow down with each new customization feature that’s added. It also takes longer to load web pages than other browsers.

4) Opera


If speed is a user’s main desire, then Opera may be the perfect internet browser for them. It loads pages extremely quickly and won’t slow down computers. Opera also has a comfortable look and feel, very similar to Internet Explorer, but a bit more refined. This browser offers many unique widgets that can customize a user’s browsing experience, and HTML-5, which may turn off some users. It is also not quite as secure as some of the other popular browsers.

5) Apple Safari


This browser, most commonly used on Mac computers, can also be used on PCs. It has a large array of security features, making it one of the safest and most secure internet browsers. It’s also a great browser for users with many apple products, such as iCloud, the iPhone, and iTunes. However, Safari is not one of the best browsers when it comes to speed. This browser has difficulty loading HTML-5 and JavaScript sites and really slows down when loading pages with large graphics.

All of these internet browsers are the best in the industry, but each has its own benefits and drawbacks. Internet Explorer has decent security and speed, Chrome is extremely stable, Firefox has thousands of add-ons, Opera is quick and customizable, and Safari is very secure and easy to sync with other Apple products. Once a user determines which quality is most important to them, they’ll be able to find the perfect browser to view the internet.