Opera 10.5 Final has been released. The new JavaScript engine (Carakan), new Vector graphics library (Vega) and the new rendering engine (Presto 2.5) make Opera 10.5 the fastest browser of the world! Run Firefox, Run!

Fastest Browser of the World

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Carakan Benchmarks

Opera Rending Benchmarks

The new rendering engine is 7x faster than the old one.

What’s new in Opera 10.5

Opera 10.5, one of my most favorite browsers since a friend introduced me to it, is not even more beautiful than its predecessor, it’s also a lot more comfortable and, more importantly, faster. Firefox is often unstable, crashes or is not responding at all. Why bother with a browser that is not working properly when there are free alternatives? Opera is the best alternative out there aside from Chrome.

More Widgets + Full Windows 7 Support

Opera Widgets
Opera Windows 7 Support

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