Do you have an external drive that you frequently use in combination with some applications? Then it is good practice to assign a static drive letter to that USB drive to avoid any problems.

Change drive letter to static

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For example when a program uses an absolute filepath to your USB flash drive to access some files on it, e.g. a certificate, you will always have to change that path whenever the drive letter changes. That’s why assigning a static drive letter is pretty useful.

1. Step Click on Start, right-click on the entry Computer (or right-click on your computer desktop icon)
2. Step Click on Properties
3. Step Uncollapse Storage
4. Step Select Disk Management
5. Step Right-click on your external USB drive and click on Change Drive Letter and Paths…

Assign Static Drive Letter

6. Step Select the drive letter, click on Change.
7. Step Next, select a letter from M to Z. This is important, if you pick a letter like E,F,G the drive letter will still change frequently:
Change drive letter in Windows 7
8. Step Confirm any prompt with Yes, you will still be able to use the old drive letter until you restart your PC

Now that you have assigned a static drive letter, you will no longer have to change any paths in any programs. Huge time-saver.