Saved Notepad File As Bat File_thumb.jpg 1If you’re wondering how to save notepad files as , .bat, .xml or .csv files, check this out.

1. Step Let’s create a new text document using the notepad editor

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Creating New Text Document 1

2. StepInside the notepad editor, click on File, Save As…

Save Notepad File As Html Bat Xml 1

3. StepNow at the bottom click on the dropdown field and select All Files (*.*)

Save As Type All Files 1

4. StepMake sure to enter your needed file extension e.g. .bat, .xml, .csv, .css, , etc 

This File Can Be Saved As 1

5. Step Once you click on Save, the file will be saved with whatever extension you added after the filename.

6. Step The text file should now have a new icon and be associated with the correct program to open such a file e.g. your default browser, .csv your Excel or OpenOffice Calculator and so on

Saved Notepad File As Bat File 1

Exactly the same way you can save notepad files as , .xml, .csv, .php files or whatever you want to create. Keep in mind this will not work for all filetypes. If you can open the original files (e.g. .bat) with a notepad there’s a good chance it will also work when you save a file simply adding the extension .bat. However, you can’ create .exe files or .dll files that way.