Did you pin a lot of programs to your Start menu and it’s now filled with tons of applications? You can easily change the Start menu icon size and make all of the icons smaller. Very easy to do, you just need to know where to look.

Change Start Menu Icon Size

1. Step Right-click on the taskbar and click on Properties
2. Step Go to the tab Start Menu
3. Step Click on the button Customize:

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Customize Windows 7 Start Menu Icon Size

4. Step Scroll down and uncheck the option Use large icons to enable the small icons

Windows 7 Start Menu Small Icons

5. Step Enjoy the small icons. You now add a lot more programs to your Start menu
6. Step Unfortunately, the size is very small. If you would like to customize the icon size it’s going to be a bit more difficult.

I am currently looking into this and let you know if you can change the icon size to a cutom value, let’s say “medium” something between the default large icons and the default small icons of Windows 7.