Want to know how to identify unknown numbers?Here is a look at the options for reverse phone lookup.

New Age Reverse Phone Lookup

Reverse phone lookup is similar to looking through any telephone directory, instead of searching for a name or business to locate a phone number you are searching the phone number to locate a name and address.

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Having a number you don’t recognize call you or finding a number you don’t recall on a piece of paper or phone happens pretty regularly in most people’s lives. However, a large portion of phone numbers have a registered name or addresses associated to them. Using reverse phone lookup you can identify unknown numbers.


Instead of trawling through a gigantic phone directory book this process can be quickly and efficiently automated if you know how.While reverse phone lookup can be somewhat of an art there is plenty of science to it as certain sites will search the databases for you. By following the simple steps and ideas you will be in with a great chance of finding just who is at the other end.

Step 1 – Searching In Different Locations

You may need to search through a few different locations. When searching for a American landline number this can be easier and cheaper (free). Some of the most popular reverse phone number lookup sites are AnyWho.com and Addresses.com.


Note – there are country specific directories out there. For example – if you are Canadian there is www.Canada411.ca

For all other countries landline numbers can be a bit more hidden but sites like www.NumberWay.com offers an extensive list of different sites to search on spanning many different counties.

Step 3 – Searching For Mobile Numbers

Searching for a mobile number can prove somewhat more tricky as the majority of sites offering this service charge a fee.


A quick Google for “Reverse cellphone lookup” will help you locate the most active websites offering these services. Please note that the majority of these deal only with cellphone numbers within the United States and are known to charge a membership fee so shop around.

Step 4 – Other Options For Looking Up Phone Numbers

Failing that, it is always worth searching for the phone number by typing it into the search box on Google or Facebook. Remember to try different versions of the number like omitting a country code or even an area code.

There also a variety of apps for Smartphone users that can make the process even easier once again. These will be covered in future guides.