Today I ran into some issues with my HP printer. For some reason it would not be able to troubleshoot it and it also wouldn’t change the port configuration. Here’s a possible solution.

Device Status Cannot Be Determined

My HP network printer app said: Device Status cannot be determined.

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After checking some HP troubleshooting guides I figured I would disable the option SNMP. SNMP is responsible for various printer reports, including ink/toner status. However, sometimes this feature can cause trouble and you’re supposed to turn it off:

1. Step Open the Devices and Printers Control Panel and right-click on your network printer. Select the option Printer properties:

2. Step Then verify that it is using the correct IP. Select it and click the button configure:

3. Step You can then uncheck the option SNMP:

An Error Occurred During Port Configuration

4. Step That’s when I ran into the error: AN ERROR OCCURRED DURING PORT CONFIGURATION

5. Step Go to your printer (in person) and turn it off. Also close all printer queues and other windows. Return and repeat step 1-3. You should now be able to uncheck the option without receiving an error message after confirming with OK.

6. Step Turn the printer on again.

7. Step Start the troubleshooter again.

Troubleshooting: Printer Won’t Come Online

Still no luck.

I am using DLAN to connect that particular network printer, so I figured it might be a problem with my DLAN adapter.

Although the router would correctly assign an IP the router was not properly connected to the network.

Go into your router configuration to verify that, usually or or similar. Check your router manual.

And yes, in my case, the printer was not properly connected to the network. Go to your printer (in person) and click the Apps icon (the HP LaserJet200 and similar advanced models will have it). If it can’t connect, your printer does not have access to the internet.

1. Step Unplug all ethernet cables

2. Step Unplug the DLAN adapter and/or your router

3. Step Turn all printers off

4. Step Reboot your computer

After doing all that your printer should come back online. When it does and a connection has been established the grey icon in your printer control panel will be colored.

Also in your router configuration panel you should see the printer come online.

Try Other Switch: Adding A New Printer

In my particular case, I ended up connecting to another switch due to a faulty DLAN adapter and it would come online again.

You now add a new printer (in your printer config panel, search for devices and printers again if you closed it).

Search by IP if you know it, but it should be listed in any case.

Done. You can now start printing again.