Change Country Settings_ll Amazon has various international sites like .ca, .fr, .it, .de and so on. You can move your Kindle account to each of those sites, but is it secure and and can you undo it?

To make it short, yes it’s very secure and you CAN undo it, I’ve done that several times to verify that you can move the account to foreign site and back again

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Step by Step How To Move A Kindle Account

1. Step Log into

2. Step Click on Manage Your Kindle on the Kindle support page (it’s in the box Self-Service)

3. Step Scroll a little down, in the left sidebar you see a link Country Settings

Country Settings Kindle.png

4. Step Then click on Change and select one of the pre-existing foreign adresses and click Update

Change Country Settings.png

5. Step You will be warned. My recommendation is to make sure you speak the language of the Amazon site you’re transfer your account to. If you don’t it will be a bit tricky to move the account back without help from Amazon support

6. Step Done – you have successfully moved your account

7. Step To undo the move and move your account back to you will have to log into the foreign site and repeat the steps. The menus are VERY similar, but they are not 100% identical, so check the options carefully

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