Open Tmp Folder P Temporary files can sometimes cause problems and consume a lot of disk space, so cleaning your temporary files is usually a good idea

1. Step Hit Windows key + R

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2. Step Enter %TMP% and hit Enter

3. Step This will open the Temp folder

Open Tmp Folder

4. Step Hold CTRL + A to select all files and folders

5. Step Not hit the DEL key

6. Step Next, you will be asked to confirm moving these items to the recycle bin. In my case there were over 1000 temporarily files

Are You Sure You Want To Move These Items To The Recycle Bin

7. Step Keep in mind, if you delete them this way you are only moving them to the recycle bin. If you want to PERMANENTLY delete the files and free up disk space, you have to empty the recycle bin OR hold the SHIFT when hitting DEL (step 5)