Today, as you all know Call of Duty Black Ops was released. Did you run into any errors? One common error seems to be “BlackOpsMP.exe has stopped working“. If you need some tips how to fix this problem, here are some.

BlackOpsMP.exe stopped working

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The BlackOpsMP.exe has stopped working issue seems to be DiretcX related and/or driver related. Upgrading or downgrading DirectX and your graphic card drivers might help to fix the issue. BEFORE you do any of that, use the following checklist and make sue you do the the first steps first.

BlackOpsMP.exe has stopped working – Checklist

Tip: When you change anything, always remember to reboot. This might take some time, but a restart is often necessary!

1. Step Revalidate your files via Steam
2. Step Re-install Call of Duty Black Ops + Reboot
3. Step Upgrade DirectX
4. Step Check your Catalyst version . Is it 10.10? If not, update to the latest Catalyst version.
5. Step Check your NVIDIA driver version and update to the latest drivers version.
6. Step Still not working? You still get BlackOpsMP.exe has stopped working? Try to downgrade your graphic card drivers (after installing and trying the latest version of course), this seems to help in *some* cases.

We will try to find some other solution how to fix the BlackOpsMP.exe has stopped working error. If you already know a solution or if you also had this problem and fixed it, please let us know below.