Best Webhosting Free Domain Hosting websites can be pretty cheap and sometimes you can even snag a free domain. Here’s a great webhost we reviewed previously

Webhosting for Beginners

Webhosting is probably the most competitive industry to be in. There are a few major players that have been around for years, usually more than 10 years and the smaller players usually do not stand a chance.

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When browsing for a webhost, there is only 1 thing you have to keep in mind: Your intention. If you only want to host a few websites casually as a hobby, then you can pick just about any of the big hosts, just make sure that they support a SQL database and PHP and do not have too strict limitations on CPU time. Hostmonster or Dreamhost for example have a lot of limits and I would look for alternatives. However, most hosts have limitations – even if they say they offer unlimited web space this is not the truth.

Webhosting for Enthusiasts

If you intend to host some sites seriously, you could go for a VPS if you already have some money, but the big advantage of regular shared webhosts is that they offer a lot of advertising credits, toll-free phone numbers and a lot more that VPS hosts do NOT offer. Even if your growth rate is very high you can always upgrade to a VPS later once you hit the limits too often.

FatCow – Lots of Advertising Credits, Free Domain, Best Price

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The advantages of FatCow are obvious:

  • $100 AdWords Credit
  • $25 Yahoo Bing Credit
  • $50 Facebook Credit
  • Free Yelp
  • Free Toll-Free Number
  • Tons of templates
  • Best price