If you want to uninstall/disable/remove the Windows Media Center, read this small guide that will teach you how to turn the Media Center and other Windows features off:
select Programs and Features

Although Windows 7 Media Center has improved a lot over previous versions of Windows Media Player, you might want to disable it for different reasons. Here we take a look at a couple of methods to get rid of it.

(1) Probably the easiest way to get rid of it on all versions of Windows 7 is to open Control Panel and select Programs and Features. This method is similar to disabling Internet Explorer 8 in Windows 7.

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(2) On the left hand panel click on Turn Windows Features on or off.

Turn Windows Features on or off

(3) Scroll down to Media Features and expand the folder. Then Uncheck Windows Media Center

Uncheck Windows Media Center

(4) Then the box next to Windows Media Center will be empty…click OK.

click OK


Obviously, Windows Media Center is only “deactivated” it is not completely removed and you can re-enable it at any time.