Did you know that it is possible to share desktops quite easily? And did you know that this is even possible across different platforms? Thanks to modern technology it has never been easier to share a desktop between a Windows 7 PC and an iMac for example.

Share desktop between mac and Windows PC

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Browser-based remote desktop sessions – 100% hassle-free
The program that I use to share my desktop with other people is called Mikogo and it’s a total game-changer. Usually, it is pretty darn difficult to install VNC software and get it all running correctly, because the person on the other side also has to install the client and that can (for some) become a problem. With Mikogo you’re all set in a few minutes, because it’s a browser based sessions. You simply pass a link to the other person along with a password and you can then access their desktop. It’s definitely one of the most hassle-free remote desktop software tools that I know. Since it’s all browser-based, it will work with Linux, Mac, Windows.

Share mac desktop with Windows:
Mac Screen Sharing in Windows

You can use Mikogo to either simply share your desktop and show other people how to do things or you can also use it for remote access to control another PC.

Download Mikogo Portable
I’m a big fan of portable software. Luckily, you can take Mikogo wherever you go on a USB stick:

Download Mikogo Portable Version

For some specific tasks, you will still need a VNC software. UltraVNC for example is a decent remote desktop host/client for Windows 7.