Did you like the NVIDIA Windows 7 theme? One particular brand that is popular amongst gamers is ASUS. If you are fan of ASUS, get this hot Windows 7 dream and learn how to install it properly on Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit.

Animated Dreamscene for Windows 7

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Personally, I’ve always bought graphic cards from ASUS since my very first PC, simply because they deliver top-notch graphic cards that are cheap but very powerful. Right-now I’m on a ATI onboard, but only until I can get my hands on a GeForce GTS 450.

Anyway, the ASUS dream is pure hotness and looks really cool on your desktop. Here’s a preview:

Download ASUS Dreamscene

How to enable Dreamscene on Windows 7

Set WMV/MPG as Desktop Background

In order to use this ASUS dream on your desktop you will first have to enable Dreamscene. Read our complete guide here:

Enable Windows 7 Dreamscene

Animated Matrix Desktop for Windows 7

How to use DreamScene in Windows 7

The Matrix Windows 7 Theme