If you want to corrupt a file on purpose (for whatever reason) there are some easy tricks.

Corrupt a file

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Staging File Corruption

Ever seen the show Halt and Catch Fire? It’s a show about the computing boom of the 80’s and in the show the main protagonist makes it look like some floppy disks with important data has gone bust – only to get some PR. What I want to say is, that sometimes it can be quite handy to stage a file corruption for your own purposes. Just keep in mind, it’s a lot more honest to admit that you missed the deadline on something than try to stage something. In most cases, honesty will be rewarded!

Corrupting A File

Did you know you get the error “file is corrupt and cannot be opened” there are ways to recover the file. Read more here. File is corrupt and cannot be opened

1. Step To corrupt a file, right-click on the file and click Open with .. then select Notepad editor. If it’s now available select Other and find the path to your notepad editor.

2. Step If it’s not a text file or another file format supported by notepad it will only display random gibberish. Remove some of the lines or all of them and save the file. Your file is now corrupt and cannot be opened properly.

3. Step Another fool-proof way to corrupt a file is to use a hex editor and change some hex codes in the file. Check this out: Hex Editor for Windows 7