Windows Is Searching For Javaw ExeGot the error “Windows is searching for javaw.exe when launching programs like cisco’s asdm or trader workstation? No problem, here’s how to fix it

When you get the error, simply wait and you will get this window:

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Javaw Exe Shortcut Has Been Changed

You can now simply click on Fix it and it MAY work. If it does NOT work, follow the instructions below

Fix It Manually

1. Step Open the Windows Explorer via Windows key + E

2. Step Go to C:\Windows\SysWOW64 and look for javaw.exe – if you can’t find it enter j on your keyboard after selecting a random file (not folder), then it will jump to all files with j, now look for kavaw.exe

3. Step Select javaw.exe and hit CTRL + C

4. Step Hit Windows Key + E again and go to C:\Windows\system32

5. Step When you’re in that folder hit CTRL + V

6. Step Confirm the UAC prompt

7. Step Start Cisco’s Asdm or trader workstation again and it should work just fine

Why does this happen? You are most likely on Windows 7 64-bit and the software is not looking in the 64-bit place for javaw.exe the SysWOW64 folder