JDownloader Windows 7 x64
If you are downloading stuff from rapidshare from time to time, you might be aware of a tool called JDownloader.
JDownloader simplies downloading files with many parts. The concept is pretty straight-forward, you copy the URL’s into JDownloader and it will automatically download your files.

JDownloader is a pretty awesome tool, because it makes downloading so much easier and saves you so much time, but what if it doesn’t work?

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Download JDownloader

Java and Windows 7 x64

Many people switch over to Windows 7 x64, but not all things work properly yet. Java for example is not always working properly on x64 machines. Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do about it, aside from downloading the latest Java from sun.com:

Which version of Java should I download for my 64-bit Windows operating system?

If you want to visit a site that requires Java, you can use the x32 Internet Explorer instead of the x64 one. Both are pre-installed on Windows 7 x64. Then download Java x32 manually.

Official statement of a JD-Developer:

We can only hope and wait till microsoft and sun will will these 64bit issues, because at the moment i can’t say who’s to blame. 32bit works fine.

Virtual machine

A good idea would be to install a virtual machine on your Windows 7 x64 system. This has many advantages:

a) this will protect you from malicious files (scan them in a safe environment before you copy them to your “real PC”)
b) you can use jdownloader properly
c) you can set it up as a server to share your files with other people *safely*

How to install VirtualPC on Windows 7