Want know check your Cataclyst driver version? Here’s how.

What Catalyst version do I have

1. Step Right-click on the red ATI tray icon
2. Step At the top click on Catalyst Control Center

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Catalyst control center

3. StepNext check Advanced, click on Next and confirm the prompt with Yes
AdvanceD Catalyst settings

4. Step At the top, select Information Center from the dropdown:

catalyst information center

5. Step Now, if you have a new Catalyst driver installed there will be an entry Catalyst version. If this entry is missing, proceed below.

Catalyst driver version

6. Don’t have a Catalyst version?

If Catalyst version is not listed, check the value of CCC (Catalyst Control Center Version)

Catalyst control center version

Catalyst Control Center Version could be: 2010.0803.2125.36577

So your Catalyst driver version is then 10.8 (August 2010)

If a CCC says 2009.1124 then it can be 9.12 (because the actual driver would be released in December)