Adding/deleting network locations in Windows 7 is easy. Another tutorials for Windows 7 beginners.

add/delete network locations in Windows 7

Adding network locations in Windows 7

Network Locations are folders or drives shared on a network. Windows 7 provides easy sharing and access to Network Locations on the Network. The following steps will guide you how to add and delete a Network Location.

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1. Step Go to Start Menu and select Computer.

start menu

2. Step Right click and select Add Network Location.

add network location

3. Step The Add Network Location wizard will pop up. Click Next to continue.

add network location wizard

4. Step It will ask Where do you want to Create a Network Location. Click on Choose a custom network location.

create Network Location

5. Step Next you have to enter the address of the network location you want to add. Here we provided the address and folder that we want to connect to. Click Next.

address network location

6. Step For password protected network location, the window will appear asking for username and password for the share. Click OK when Done.

password network location

7. Step It will ask for the name you want to keep for the Network Location. Click Next when Done.

name network location

8. Step Click Finish to complete the Add Network Location Wizard.

complete network location

9. Step The Added Location will now be visible on the Computer Window.

added network location

Delete Network Location in Windows 7

10. Step Deletion of Network Location can be done from My Computer. Right Click on the Network Location you want to delete and select Delete.

delete network location

11. It will ask to confirm the deletion. Click Yes.

confirm deletion

A Network Location provides you a shortcut to access the shared resources over the network.