Do you want to delete a folder right from the command prompt instead of deleting it manually? This is really easy and will help you to manage your PC more effectively.

Remove folder in command prompt

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Command Prompt

There are two commands that you can use to delete a folder via command prompt.

  • rd
  • rmdir

Both commands are the same, but rd is shorter. I prefer rmdir because it is easier to remember and is closer to the Linux equivalent “rm” (that’s how you remove something in linux).

Tip: If you do not specify a path for the rmdir command you will have to CD to the correct directory. E.g. CD C:\delete\

Delete Folder + Subfolders And Files

If you want to delete all folders and files in a directory, you can use the option /s. The option /q will make sure that you will not be asked to confirm a deletion.

  • rmdir /s C:/path/to/folder


Delete folder from command prompt

1. Step The first line rd C:\delete\thisfolder was successful, we did not get any error message.

2. Step If you try to use the option -s (/s is correct) after CD’ing to the folder C:\delete will still remove the folder “thisfolder”, but will give you the error message The system cannot find the file specified.

3. Step rmdir /s thisfolder after CD’ing to the folder C:\delete will ask for your confirmation and will then delete the folder depending on your answer.