If you would like to know how to take screenshot of active windows only, read this tip.

How to take screenshots of active Window only

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You can take screenshots in Windows 7 using the PrtScn key on your keyboard (German: druck) – However, this will ALWAYS take a screenshot of the entire screen. That’s obviously pretty annoying if you only want to take a screenshot of the currently active window.

Solution: ALT + PrtScn

1. Use ALT + PrtScn to take screenshots of the active window ONLY

2. Step Use CTRL + PrtScn if your PrtScn key is broken.

3. Step Use Fn + PrtScn if the PrtScn is not working and needs to be activated first (Fn is the Windows key equivalent on laptops)

For example I uninstalled the program FastStone Capture and now every time I hit PrtScn I get the error: Windows can’t open this file f6fe641.rbf – obviously the programmers forgot to restore the original registry key that binds the function to the key and now it’s broken. I will look up the registry keys and maybe I find a fix for this. Until then, simply use CTRL + PrtScn to take screenshots.

If you’re still having programs taking screenshots of active windows only, you should consider a program like FRAPS