Online privacy protection is becoming more and more important as more information is shared and spread online than ever before. Here are a few suggestions on how to prevent any hacking of your email account.

1. Do Not Open Emails From Unknown Sources

The first and easiest step you can do to prevent email account from getting hacked is to not open and click through on any unfamiliar emails received. If you accidentally open one before realising you do not know the sender, you should delete it immediately. Again, do not click any links sent,provide information or follow any suggestions laid out by the email as if you open it your computer could become infected by a phishing scam or your information could be stolen.

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2.Install Anti-Virus,Anti Mal-ware and Anti-Spyware Solutions

Another important but simple tool you can use to battle email hacking is to install an up-to-date anti-virus, anti-spyware and anti-malware program on your computer – along with ensuring your firewall is on. It is important to keep these programs updated to ensure that they are effective in removing and identifying any threats before they become capable of gathering information from your email and computer. Some email providers automatically scan any attachments for viruses before download such as Yahoo mail.

3.Enable Multi-Step Verification

This might be annoying if you are a frequently logging in and out of computers, but enabling multistep verification is a great way to enhance the security of your email account. For example, in Gmail, you can add a two-step verification process that along with your password will require you to enter a code sent by voicemail or SMS.

4.Ensure Your Password Is Long And Strong Enough

A good rule of thumb to follow here is to ensure that your password is not linked to any other information that is stored on your computer. This means that even if your computer is somehow infiltrated than your password is still obscure enough to prevent an email hacking. Password should be long and most email accounts will provide some sort of indication of how strong it is.


5. Use a VPN To Encrypt Wirless Communication

A virtual private network software program that can help encrypt any wireless communications. This will allow you to communicate private information, even if it is over a public network. It is recommended to use this solution when you are using public Wi-Fi because wireless data/these networks have the potential to be identified by criminals.