Today I sat down to record a small video to show you how you can lower your ping/latency in games such as ArcheAge, WoW, League and other video games

Video Instructions

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Short Step By Step Instructions

Archeache Mmo Reduce Latency

1. Step Open the registry editor and find the key [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\

2. Step You can quickly find your local ip address by entering ipconfig /all into a command prompt (at the top)

Local Ip Address Finder.png

3. Step Now find the interface folder with the DcpIpAddress value that matches your local IP (which will be the correct interface)

4. Step Now make sure to enter the EXACT DWORD keys as followed:

IMPORTANT: In the video I made a mistake, I entered TcpNoDelay, not TCPNoDelay – this key is case-sensitive so it wouldn’t work, the other is correct!
  • TCPNoDelay
  • TcpAckFrequency

5. Step Reboot

6. Step Alternatively try battleping, download at

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