A tutorial for Windows 7 beginners that explains how to change the boot timeout in Windows 7.

How to change Windows 7 Boot Timeout

1. Step Click Start >> Type msconfig in ‘Search program and files’ text box. Then click ‘msconfig.exe’.

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step-1-how to speed up windows 7

2. Step A system configuration windows appears.

step-2-how to speed up windows 7

3. Step Click Boot tab in the system configuration window.

step-3-how to speed up windows 7

4. Step Change Timeout seconds from 30 seconds to 3 seconds. It will speed up your shutdown or startup process.

step-4-how to speed up windows 7

5. Step Click Startup tab and unselect the startup items that you don’t want to load while starting your windows 7. For example, in my case, I don’t want Google update, RealPlayer (32-bit), Acrotray to load while starting windows 7. If I want them then I shall load them later. So I unchecked them. Then click Apply and OK.

step-5-how to speed up windows 7


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