Windows 7 Indexing Service If you want to optimize Windows 7, you might want to consider configuring the Windows 7 indexing options. By default, Windows 7 is indexing many locations and files. Some of them are not even important and indexing them a waste of resources. Let’s find out how to optimize this.

1. Step First of all, click on Start and enter Indexing into the search field
2. Step At the top click on on “Indexing Options”
3. Step This is the indexing options control panel: You will now see all indexed folders and excluded folders and the numbers of indexed files and can modify the list of indexed folders:

Windows 7 Indexing Options

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When you click on modify you can remove folders from the list of indexed folders. The Internet Explorer History, Offline Files or Sticky Notes might be great Windows 7 features, but if you don’t use them you can remove them from the list of indexed folders. Also, if you have folders with private or sensitive data, you might want to remove them from the list of indexed folders.

If you don’t want any folders to be indexed, you might want to disable the indexing service in Windows 7 completely.