Do you know that annoying message: Do you want to run this file? You can disable it unchecking the option “Always ask before opening this file”, but that will only save this setting for that file extension and Windows 7 will keep bugging you if you open other file extensions, but you can disable it completely.

Here’s the bugger that we want to disable:
Do you want to run this file

Download Registry Hack

To do disable the message “Do you want to run this file” completely we have to modify the registry. Because it would be quite lengthy to explain all changes, you can simply download our registry hack and disable the annoying message. This will disable the message for a lot of common filetypes. If you want to add more filetypes and extensions, please refer to the instructions below.

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Download the following .reg file and execute it to disable the message: (create a backup of the registry before you apply this)

Disable “Do you want to run this file” .reg

Disable “Do you want to run this file” for other extensions

If you want to disable the message “Do you want to run this file” for other file extensions, some that you commonly use, you should add the extensions to the registry hack. How would you do that? Simply, download the file below and open it with a notepad text editor.

Inside you will find the following text:

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Download]

At the bottom you will find the item LowRiskFileTypes and a lot of file extensions. Add the file extensions that you consider 100% safe for your system. Let’s say you’re often opening .mp4 files, then you could add the extension here and Windows 7 will not bother you with the message “Do you want to run this file”. Btw, you can convert Youtube videos to MP4 online with our free service, read this: Convert Youtube Video to MP4 for free

Anyway, this is the best way to disable the annoying message and should help you to get rid of it for all common file extensions on your system.