If you are a software developer you need a signing certificate and once you have that you should backup your private key certificates

Open Root Console

1. Step Hit Windows key + R (or open the Start Screen and enter “Run”)

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2. Step Enter mmc and hit Enter

3. Step Click on File and then Add/Remove Snap In

4. Step Select Certificates in the left pane and click the Add button to move it to “selected Snap Ins”

Add Certificates To Snap Ins.png

5. Step Select computer account

Computer Account.png

6. Step Click Ok and then make sure Local computer is selected

7. Step Click Finish

8. Step Click OK

Backup Your Local / Personal Certificates!

9. Step You should now see this, click the arrows and uncollapse Personal, Certificates

Console Root Certificates Local Computer2.png

10. Step You can now export your Personal localhost certificate by right-clicking on Localhost and then selecting All Tasks => Export

Exporting Localhost Personal Certificate.png

11. Follow the wizard, select Yes, export the private key (which is what we want). Make sure to include all certificates in the certification path

Export Private Key.png

12. Define a password

13. The key will be stored as a *.pfx file

Completing The Certificate Export Wizard.png

14. Repeat the same for your Trusted Root Certificates if you want to back them up as well