Options For Extensions_ll Chrome has some pretty cool extensions that allow you to open multiple links at once? How this works? Read our guide below

Download Extension And Add New Actions

1. Step Download this extension from the Chrome store

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2. Step The default way to open multiple links at once is to right-click and hold the right-click button then draw a rectangle around the links you want to open at once.

This works quite well:

Draw Selection.png

3. Step You might not like to assign this to the right-click button, then open the Chrome extension page (Settings icon => Tools => Extensions)

4. Step Find Linkclump and click the blue options link

Change Permissions To Open Multiple Links At Once Using Shift.png

5. Step Click on it and then scroll down and click the button Add Action

6. Step Next, select Left-mouse button and Shift if it’s not selected and click Add

Options For Extensions.png

7. Step You can now open multiple links at once holding Shift and drawing a rectangle around the links. Handy!

You can now save a lot of time when you’re trying to open multiple links on a page