This is a description how to fix the AVG (a very common security tool) resident shield when it’s disabled, inactive or not loaded.

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Security is a hot topic. Windows 7 greatly reduced the UAC warnings, because beginners were completely clueless what to do about those “annoying” warnings. Because some paranoia is good when it comes to security, you should be aware of the best security tools for Windows 7 and how to run them properly.

AVG Resident Shield Disabled, Inactive or Not Loaded Error

The “AVG Internet Security Suite” includes a great security tool for Windows 7, the so called resident shield. Many people reported problems that they can’t activate this feature properly. In order to fix this “bug”, simply follow my instructions:

1. Go to “Tools” – “Advanced Settings”
2. Uncollapse “Resident Shield”
3. Uncheck “Enable Resident Shield”

4. Click on “Apply”.
5. Check “Enable Resident Shield”
6. Click on “Apply again”.
7. Now you should be able to enable it again. Simply go to the “AVG Security Overview” and double-click on “Resident Shield”

8. Enable the Shield:

Windows 7 Firewall

The AVG suite also includes a firewall, you can find a review here.

Resident Shield

What’s the idea behind a resident shield? It actively scans files whenever they are copied, opened or saved. It also prevents infected files to be executed.

Free Alternatives to AVG

A great free alternative to the AVG resident shield is the Spybot S&D:

Download Spybot