Another awesome idea and one of the best utilities for Windows 7 as of right now: Windows 7 Fences.
The concept of Windows Fences is simple, you can organize your desktop icons using fences. You can put several desktop icons (preferably of the same group) into a fence, a simple window that you can resize and drag anywhere on your desktop.

Windows 7 Fences

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If you don’t like your messed up desktop, you should definitely try this tool. Organizing your desktop becomes really, really easy. Looks like you no longer have to search for hours to find that special tool on your desktop.

See Windows 7 Fences in Action:

A special feature of Windows Fences is the possibility to double-click on your desktop to hide all icons. This can come in pretty handy sometimes, but is not the most important feature of Windows Fences.

Download Fences for Windows 7, XP, Vista

This tool supports XP, Vista, Windows 7. x32 and x64! Best of all it’s totally free. There might be a Pro edition available soon.

Windows Fences Get Windows Fences