If you are new to Windows, read this article to find out more about it

For instance, options like minimise, maximise and close were available in old versions. While playing a game when we click on minimise, the game gets to the taskbar and we can hover the mouse over icons on the taskbar to see what they are in a smaller form as shown in the picture below.

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The button between the minimise and close button on any window, now changes the size of the window in a way such that it can be changed manually to any size required and can also be moved across the desktop.

If working with multiple windows is the style then we can drag one window to the corner of the desktop. A border pops up and when we release our mouse, the window is resized to exactly the border. This way we can work on multiple locations at the same time.
Multiple Windows

Dragging a window to one corner and another window to another, we can easily get perfectly sized windows that we can work on as shown in the picture below.

Windows 7 also comes with a whole new interface such that windows explorer or any other application which is open in the task bar also shows the number of windows open in it. For instance in the picture below it is distinct that the windows explorer icon shows that more than one window is open. Pointing the mouse over the icon we can see the two windows and can also preview the windows individually.
 Preview Window