Uninstall Browserprotect_thumb Is your CPU going through the roof on Windows 8 with system interrupts and CPU spikes? Browserprotect.exe could be a MAJOR issue for your PC, let’s remove it

We STRONGLY recommend you remove browserprotect.exe – it’s unstable, unsafe and is possibly tracking your behaviour. You should remove it, use the instructions below to get rid off it

Removing BrowserProtect.exe

1. Step You may be victim of a plugin called browserprotect.exe if you are experiencing extremely high CPU usage on Windows 8

When you open the Windows 8 task manager and go to “Details”, you can probably see it among one of the busiest processes along with Firefox going crazy

Browser Protect High Cpu Usage.png

2. Step You can now kill that process

3. Step Then hit CTRL + F on your keyboard and enter Control Panel – if you’re on Windows 7, simply go to the Control Panel

Apps Control Panel

4. Step Click on Programs and Features

5. Step WARNING: Close Firefox, then right-click on BrowserProtect and click Uninstall

Uninstall Browserprotect.png

6. Step If you’re prompted that it may not be correctly uninstalled, try the compatibility uninstall

2013 02 13 14_36_51 Bprotector For Windows.png

7. Step To make sure it has been completely removed go to your AppData folder and open the Roaming folder – do you see any traces of BrowserProtect? Run the uninstall.exe again or remove the files

8. This should be it

Without the browserprotect.exe you can safely launch Firefox again and enjoy a low CPU usage