3Dmark2013 Download.png 3DMark is the best benchmark tool out there. If you’re into overclocking or simply like fancy CGI and 3D animations, you need to download the new 3D Mark 2013 for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit

The all-new 3D Mark 2013 edition can benchmark all your Windows 8 devices and iOS devices, including DirectX11, 10 and 9 cards.



Cloudgate Fancy 3Dmark Demo.png

A few preview shots of the benchmark. Overall there are 3 different demos: Fire Strike for high end DirectX 11 devices, Cloud Gate for DirectX10 users, finally Ice Storm for DirectX9

[nggallery id=911]

Visit http://www.futuremark.com/benchmarks/3dmark for more screens

3D Mark Installer

1. Step Download the 3DMark 2013 installer.

3Dmark2013 Installer Download.png

2. Step Open the installer and follow the install wizard

3. Step Select Custom Install if you want to change the path where the installer will install 3DMark to

2013 3Dmark   Installshield Wizard.png

4. Step By default it will install 3DMark to C:Program FilesFuturemark3D Mark

5. Step If you’re on Windows 7 64-bit or Windows 8 64-bit you can optionally install the 32-bit binaries as well if you choose Custom Install

Unhandled Exception Error

Downloaded the tool and tried to run it but got an error? It’s possible you get an unhandled exception error when installing 3DMark 2013: DLL function call crashed: ISRT._RegQueryKeyValue. Setup will now terminate.

Unhandled Exception Error Number 0X90040707 Dll Call Crashed.png

According to 3DMark employees that is a registry corruption error or a possible bad memory module. Or an admin permission problem

Consider downloading CCleaner to fix the registry error

1. Step Uninstall 3DMark 2013

2. Step Run CCleaner to fix your registry

3. Step Reboot, then re-install 3DMark (read tip below)

TIP: Fix your registry, then run the installer again and select Repair instead of uninstalling it completely, this may already fix the issue, did the trick for me at least

3DMark GUI has stopped working

If you run into the error that the GUI has stopped working, please follow the steps above and download CCleaner

3Dmark Gui Has Stopped Working.png

This error usually only occurs if the installation failed or when you close the program.

Download 3DMark Benchmarking Tool

Benchmark Windows Ios Tablets_thumb With the latest 3DMark you can not only benchmark your Windows PC, you can benchmark your Windows 8 tablets, iPad running iOS and all other devices, it’s pretty epic

The free version included 3 demo benchmarks, download it here:

Download 3DMark