Registry Repair Via Ccleaner_thumb CCleaner is a great tool to fix your registry – it works quite well on 64-bit systems and you rarely run into registry repair problems when using this tool


Installing CCleaner

CCleaner runs on Microsoft Windows 8, 7, Vista and the outdated XP. It can be fully installed on 32-bit and 64-bit systems

The free edition of CCleaner comes with an installer

Ccleaner 3 27 Setup Free.png

When installing CCleaner you can add it to the Recycle Bin context menu, which is recommended

    • Default install path is C:\Program Files\CCleaner

Default Install Path.png

The required space for installing this program is only 12MB

When first running the program, you’ll be prompted to enable the smart cookie scan. This is great because it will keep useful cookies like Gmail, Hotmail and so on

Intelligent Cookie Scan.png

Registry Repair: Quickly Scan and Fix Issues

CCleaner has a pretty solid registry repair feature that will also repair 64-bit registry keys and locate unused keys or missing DLL’s

Registry Repair Via Ccleaner.png

The tool can easiy fix missing DLL’s, class issues, remove obsolete software, fix services and application paths and remove unused extensions. In all a very solid registry repair tool that works great on 64-bit systems, unlike many other registry tools

First, you’ll have to scan for issues. It will quickly scan your PC.

Fixing Registry Issues.png

It is strongly recommended that you review all items: It may find invalid firewall rules, missing shared DLL files, unusued file extensions, unused registry keys, ActiveX issues or missing MUI references, but all of them should be checked

Uncheck all that you may consider unsafe – if you’re a beginner uncheck all paths of critical programs. For example if you urgently require a working copy of Word or Excel and CCleaner finds some related entries, uncheck them, unless you have a problem that prevents you from starting Word or Excel

The tool will ask you to backup changes first, so that’s a plus – it will create a file like cc_20130213_152521.reg

Download Best Free System Optimization and Cleaning Tool

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All in all, CCleaner is one of the best tool to remove temporary files and free disk space and repair various registry problems. You can quickly clear your log files, jump lists, temp files, recycle bin, all caches including DNS caches, prefetch data and much more – and runs very smoothly on x64 systems