How to enable windows 7 circle dock Everyone is using the stylish Windows 7 circle dock, except you? If you also want your very own circle dock, then find out how to enable the Windows 7 circle dock and experience a new way to access your programs and files.

Ok, I agree the Windows 7 MAC dock is a nice way to launch your programs, but who says that there aren’t better ways to launch your programs in Windows 7? There are plenty of great ways, one of the is Windows 7 circle dock.

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What is the Windows 7 circle dock?

The Windows 7 circle dock is an innovative way to navigate and start your programs. Normally, you would click on Start and open your programs via the Start menu or you would place a shortcut on your desktop. Both methods are old-fashioned but work very well. Nonetheless, you might be looking for a new way like launch your programs from a circular dock. Here’s how a circle dock could look like on your desktop:

Windows 7 Circle Dock

Enable the Windows 7 Circle Dock

After downloading the circle dock below, open the folder where you installed the circle dock to, this is usually C:\Program Files\Circle Dock. Inside you will find the CircleDock.exe, double-click on it to start the circle dock.

After starting the circle dock, right-click on the circle dock and click on Dock Settings. Go to the tab Visibility. Define a shortcut for launching the circle dock. I chose CTRL + Middle Mouse Button, but this is a personal choice and up to you. Click on close and you can now launch the Circle dock.

You can now drag and drop new shortcut icons on the circle dock and they will be automatically added. Because the default skin of the circle dock is not that beautiful we’re now going to change the circle dock skin to this:

Windows 7 Circle Dock Skin

How to change Windows 7 Circle Dock Skin?

Launch the circle dock (see instructions here), right-click on it and open the Dock Settings

Go to the tab Elements. The sub-tab Background will allow you to change the Background image when you click on the folder icon with the three dots. It will open an folder with all the skins that are included, but of course you can download more skins online or create your very own skins (it’s a simple .png file).

Change Windows 7 Circle Dock

Download Windows 7 Circle Dock

You can download the Windows 7 circle dock over at There is one version for Windows 7 32-bit and one for Windows 7 64-bit. If you don’t know the difference, you should read this:

What Windows version do I have 32-bit or 64-bit?

Latest Releases:
Circle Dock 1.5.5 32-bit
Circle Dock 1.5.5 64-bit

Additionally, you will have to install the .Net Framework 2.0 or you won’t be able to run the circle dock.