Well, if you are lazy and don’t want to burn Windows 7 on a DVD before you install it or if your DVD drive is not working probably, you might want to install Windows 7 from a virtual drive. This is a short tutorial that will explain you how to do it!

In my case, my S-ATA ports are seriously damaged, because whenever I insert a disk into my DVD drive the PC will freeze.
So, I had to find a solution without burning a DVD:

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Download Virtual CloneDrive

Virtual CloneDrive is one of the best tools to mount an image. There are plenty of others like PowerISO and Daemon Tools. Download one of them.

Download Virtual CloneDrive

Mount & Install Windows 7 ISO

After installing it, a new option will appear in your context menu whenever you right-click on a .ISO file:

Mount Virtual Clone Drive

Click on “Mount (Virtual CloneDrive)”

Next, you should right-click on the virtual drive that just appeared:

Install or run program from your media

Now you can install Windows 7 by simply following the instructions on your screen. VoilĂ , you are about to install it Windows 7 and you didn’t even burn a DVD !

Install Windows 7 Without Burning a DVD