There are various ways to connect remotely to a computer on the same network or over Internet, but when the two computers are both running Windows, using the built-in Remote Desktop Connection is by far the easiest one.

remote desktop connection

Setting up and establishing a remote connection is not too complicated and it does not require any advanced technical skills. All you need to do is enable and configure the computer, which you want to access remotely, and then configure and run the Remote Desktop on the connecting computer. These two computers can be at the same physical location (your house of office) and on the same network, or you can establish the connection over the Internet.

Configuring the remote (host) computer

Step 1. Power on the computer you want to control and make sure that it is connected to the Internet or it is on the same network as the controlling computer. The host computer should not be in Sleep or Hibernate mode while you are attempting to establish a remote connection.

Step 2. Configure the host computer to allow Remote Assistance. The process is almost identical on both Windows 7 and Windows 8 computers. Launch the Control Panel, type in “remote access” in the search box and click Allow remote access.

enable remote assistance
allow remote access

Alternatively, you can get to the same option window by launching the Control Panel, clicking “System and security” and then “Allow remote access.”

Once you have the System properties window open, you can select either the second or the third option under Windows 7 (see the screenshot below) and under Windows 8, simply select Allow remote connection to this computer and tick the option underneath it. It is best to choose the more secure option and only if it doesn’t work, you should go back to the same configuration screen and select the second (less secure) option.

allow remote desktop connections
allow remote access windows8

If you are allowing remote access on the same network, click the “Add users” button and add trusted users, who can connect remotely to your computer.

add remote desktop users

Configuring the connecting computer

Now you need to configure the Remote Desktop connection on the connecting computer – click the Run button and type “Remote Desktop” in the search box and then click the “Remote Desktop Connection” link. Once the main window is open, enter the computer name or IP address.

configure remote desktop connection

Click Options to expand the window, enter your username, and click the Connect button.

configure remote desktop connection windows 7


When allowing remote connection outside your homework, you would need to configure your router and forward TCP port 3389 to the destination computer’s IP address. In addition, you need to allow Remote Desktop to run through your Firewall.


Using the Remote Desktop Connection allows you to connect remotely to any of your computers or Windows servers, even if they are thousands of miles apart. Once connected, you can run programs, edit and save documents, easily transfer files between the two computers, and do so much more!