One of our tutorials for new Windows 7 users. If you want to keep your PC fast and clean, learn how to defrag it. You should also check out our preferred defrag tools for Windows 7 .

new user - how to defrag Windows 7

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New To Windows 7?

Steps to defrag Windows 7

Tip: If you own a SSD, you should not defrag it. You might want to consider disabling disk defragmentation on your SSD.

1. Step Click on the Start >> Computer.

step-1-how to defrag Windows 7

2. Step Right click on the C drive or where you have Windows 7 installed and select Properties.

step-2-how to defrag Windows 7

3. Step Click on the Tools tab.

step-3-how to defrag Windows 7

4. Step Click on the ‘Defragment now’ button.

step-4-how to defrag Windows 7

5. Step Select the drive where your Windows 7 is installed (I assume it is C: drive) and click on the Analyze disk.

step-5-how to defrag Windows 7

6. Step The analyzing process starts. After the process is 100% done, click on the Defragment disk.

step-6-how to defrag Windows 7

7. Step Now, Defragmentation process starts. Once the process hits 100% you can click on the close button. That are already the complete steps to defrag Windows 7.

step-7-how to defrag Windows 7