If you want to use SugarSync to share a folder over the internet,read this tutorial for beginners.

How to use SugarSync Setup

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1. Step Head over to sugarsyn.com and create a new SugarSync account if you haven’t done so already

2. Step After you log into your account, something like this should show up the first time:

How to use SugarSync Setup

3. Step Click on 1 and follow the instructions on the screen. Finally, download the SugarSyncSetup.exe and execute it on your PC

4. Step After installing the SugarSync manager you should now have a new system tray icon (green bird icon). You have to log into your account first, so enter your account information:

How to log into sugarsync

5. Step Right-click on the icon in your system tray and SugarSync File Manager.

6. Step If you haven’t done that already during the installation process, you should add a first folder that you want to share by clicking on the Add folder button:

Add folder to sugarsync

7.You can now right-click that folder and click on Share folder:

Share sugarsync folder

8. Step You will be redirected to a SugarSync website where you can set the permissions for that particular folder, e.g. who can access that folder and who do you want to share it with. You can even set a password if you want to.

9. Step You can then Send an email to whoever you want to share the folder with or you can simply grab the link:
Share sugarsync folder