.. on your PC? Well, you have probably turned off (like every smart user) the UAC completely. There is a bug (could be fixed in RC1) that your sidebar stops working as soon as you do that.

In order to fix the sidebar you will have to do this…

Steps To Make The Sidebar Work

1. Step Activate the hidden admin account (Read this post if you don’t know how)

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2. Step Take Ownership of the folder (C:/Program Files/Windows Sidebar): Simply right-click on the folder and select “take ownership”.

3. Step Make sure to give your account full access rights to the folder: Right-click and select properties (tab:security). Edit all the accounts that are listed and check “full control”.

4. Step Make a backup of the files sidebar.exe,  settings.ini and the folder en-us  inside the “Windows Sidebar” folder.

5. Step Download Windows7 Sidebar Fix (Turn off Download Accelerator)

6. Step Unzip the files to the sidebar folder, after you renamed or deleted the files sidebar.exe, settings.ini and the folder en-us.  (Note: You will probably not be able to replace them).

Now you can start your sidebar again. I am still receiving the error “unspecified error”, when I try to install certain gadgets. If you know a solution, please let us know!