Does your print screen key not work or doesn’t work any longer in Windows 7? If you’re on a Compaq laptop you should read this guide.

1. Step Many laptops have their own keystroke for taking screenshots and the PrintScreen key might not always work as it normally does, make sure to look up your notebook manual if your Print Screen key does not work. If you’re on a Compaq notebook, see (2)

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2. Step I stumbled on the error when I tried to take a screenshot on a freshly installed Windows 7 installation on a Compaq 615. The solution is to press:

Fn + Print Screen

Fn = the key left to the Windows key

3. Step If your Print screen does still not work, you should try to use some tools to take screenshots as a temporary solution. If that is not possible for whatever reason, you should try to create a new user account, run sfc.exe, do some basic driver checks and consider checking the Print screen key itself (on the laptop keyboard take out the key)