You need to organize yourself and you’re trying to find the best calendar software for Windows 7? Here are 4 calendar tools that can help you to boost your productivity. Works on Windows 7.

Many computer software programs come with some sort of calendar integrated into them. There are also a number of calendars available online, such as Google Calendar. Calendar software provides extra features and benefits like integration amongst a variety of programs, interactivity and sharing capabilities, and offline access. The best calendar software for Windows 7 is one which combines most, if not all, of the above in a single program.

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Active Desktop Calendar for Windows

Active Calendar Software for Windows 7
The Active Desktop Calendar launches at startup and is exactly what it sounds like, a calendar that is placed on the desktop. Double clicking on a specific day or on the calendar’s sidebar will bring up a list of tasks and events, as well as any pertinent details. The program is compatible with Google calendar and can import and export information from iCal. The icons, fonts and colors can all be customized, and users can choose which country’s holidays should appear. With the help of a LAN network, users can integrate other’s calendars with their own and share events and information.

Calendar Magic

Calendar Magic
Calendar Magic is one of the best calendar software for Windows 7, and it has the added benefit of being completely free. The program is loaded with features and can display any calendar system. It can be set to show the holidays for any of the three major monotheistic religions and/or the significant dates for any other calendar system. The location can be edited and the calendar will show local sunrise and sunset times. The program has many features besides the calendar, including an alarm clock, reaction timer, body mass index, blood alcohol content and ovulation, to name a few.

Interactive: VueMinder Calendar Lite

Vueminder calendar software for Windows 7
If you’re looking for a highly interactive calendar, VueMinder Calendar Lite is probably the best option available. It allows users to share calendars via LAN, it is compatible with iCalendar, and it can be synced with more than one Google Calendar. Once it has been synced with Google, the information from Google Calendar can be accessed even when the computer is offline. The program can also subscribe to various online calendars. The desktop calendar is customizable and users can choose where the calendar should be placed and how opaque or translucent it should be.

Advanced Calendar: ScheduFlow Online

Scheduflow online calendar
ScheduFlow Online offers cloud based storage for contacts, appointments, teams, and projects. All information is SSL encrypted and can be accessed remotely from any computer. Any new data or entry added to the calendar will automatically be updated for any user with proper access. The calendar view can be set as Day, Week, Month, Timeline, or 3D carousel card view. ScheduFlow has a thirty day free trial, but after that there is a small subscription fee.

There are a number of programs that would qualify as the best calendar software for Windows 7. All of the above have received well reviews, are easy to use, and are relatively cheap or entirely free. Which one to download really depends on which of the best calendar software for Windows 7 suits your unique personal or business needs best.