Resize photos/images to your desired size in one click. Read more to learn how.

quickly resize photos Windows 8

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Quickly resize photos in Windows 8

Image Resizer is a small image resizing utility that enable you to resize your photo(s)/image(s) quickly and easily. It is reachable simply with the right click menu. It allows you to select a size or provide a custom size. Below are the steps to download and use the Image Resizer.

1. Step Download and install the Image Resizer program here.
image resizer

image resizer installed

2. Step Now Right click on any image(s) you want to resize and select Resize Pictures.

ghost script installed

3. Step A window will appear asking you to select Size. Press OK and the resized image(s) will appear in the current folder.

picture resize

resized image

Image Resizer is a clone of Power Toy available for windows. It easily embeds with windows and provides easy resizing utility.